Sex - Traits


Allow traits below are only available in the Satisfaction Rewards Store.

  • Cuckold/Cuckquean trait gives Sims a positive moodlet from watching their partner having sex and automatically makes Sims watch others sex.

  • Cum Slut trait gives Sims a positive moodlet from having cum on their body. Sims with the Romantic trait will have the same effect.

  • Sexually Alluring trait gives Sims a huge boost to the result of asking for sex, allowing them to have sex with almost any Sim they want.

  • Sexually Abstinent trait makes Sims never agree to sex and stop gaining desire.

  • Infertile trait prevents Sims from getting pregnant or impregnating Sims.

  • Extra Absorbency trait improves Sims tampons/pads absorbency.


  • Hypersexual lot trait increases the base sex autonomy chance to 100% and is capable of triggering multiple sex interactions at once for all the Sims that are on the lot.