Sex - Settings

This section only explains the most complex settings.
  • Setting 'Vanilla Interactions Switch' disables all base game interactions from the pie menu when Sim is in sex to improve navigation.
  • Setting ‘Sex Progression Settings’ decides about the way Sims will choose the next sex position.
    Stage Only Progression means that animations will be restricted to the order that the creator of animations specified. Once the order reaches the last animation, progression is stopped.
    Random Progression means that animations will switch to any random animation within the current sex category and/or switch the sex category.
    Full Progression is the hybrid between Stage Only and Random. Animations will progress with Stage Only rules and instead of stopping at the end, pick a next random animation.
  • Setting ‘Gender Recognition Type’ decides about “actors gender roles” in sex. Sims in sex are placed in roles that fit their gender to properly represent the current animation (like a male penetrating female and not the other way).
    Sex Identity means that male Sims always have a penis and female Sims always have a vagina.
    Gender Identity means that males can have a vagina and females can have a penis if that is specified in CAS Gender Settings.
    Anything Goes means that Sims gender is ignored and they will fit all and every animation no matter what. This can cause issues with Sims performing incorrect roles (like female penetrating a male and not the other way).
  • Setting ‘Recognize Male/Females As Both’ allows to override all animations roles of a specific gender to be allowed for everybody.
    For example, allowing to recognize females as both means that all female animation roles can additionally be occupied by males which can potentially create a lot more gay-oriented sex position.
  • Setting ‘Sim Specific Gender Recognition’ enables new interactions on actively selected Sim that allows you to decide about their gender recognition.
    For example, selecting the female option on a male Sim will allow him to be able to occupy animation roles that were meant for females. At the same time, animations that are used for two males will allow that Sim to always be placed as the “bottom”.
  • Setting ‘Pregnancy Mode’ decides about additional pregnancy-related mechanics and the way pregnancy is initiated from sex.
    Simple Pregnancy Mode lacks any additional pregnancy mechanics and the chances of getting pregnant are manually decided by the player.
    Menstrual Cycle Mode adds fully functional menstrual cycle for all Sims which decides about Sims fertility.