Reporting Last Exceptions


When reporting an issue, providing a fresh lastException file is essential. If one isn't being created, describing the issue in high detail is required, as well as including basic information about your game (at least game version).
Make sure to check the Common Issues page first.


If you got alerted about an exception file then this is what you should do to properly report it

Exception files are being created when an error occurs in the game, caused by mods or the game itself. If you want to receive help, you need to send the most recent exception file you have.

Exception files are located in The Sims 4 Documents folder (\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4).

The most important file is called ’lastException.txt’. Files ‘lastCrash.txt’ and 'lastUIException.txt’ are not useful when reporting, but are worth mentioning.

Additionally, files like ’WickedWhims_X_Exception.txt’ or ‘mc_cmd_center.log’ are as useful as the 'lastException.txt’ file.

Always send the most recently created file, since that will most likely be related to your issue. Sending anything older might be misleading and waste our time.

Never send the content of an exception file directly in any post, email, comment or chat

The best option is to upload the content of an exception file by using a text sharing hosting, like Pastebin. If you’re sending an email, include it as an attachment.

To use Pastebin, open the exception file using any notepad application, copy its contents, paste them to the site and create a new paste. Then copy the address of the website you’re at after creating a paste and include it in your post/comment. If the error file is too big, send only the bottom half of the file instead.

If you’re on the LoversLab forums, report the exception file in a post.

If you’re using the Patreon release, report the issue in the comments.

Anything else can be sent to contact address.