Penis Issues


Distorted, Stuck or Floating Model

WickedWhims includes a Sim animation skeleton modification (called a rig) that will conflict with other Sim rig modifications causing penis models and other body parts to get distorted or misaligned.

  • Remove all and any Sim rig mods you have that were released before January 2018, known ones are made by Denton47, autobanned and Azmodan22.

  • Remove all and any mods that extend Sims animation capabilities which conflict with the WickedWhims extended Sim rig. Mods that offer animated hair or animated wings.

    Search the word "rig" or “animated” in your 'Mods' folder to quickly find them.

Missing Color (Broken Texture)

Default penis model used by WickedWhims requires extended skin color textures (called skin tones) which are overridden by the mod itself. This is visible by the wrench icon placed on every skin color in CAS. Any other mod that overrides skin tones may conflict with WickedWhims if it doesn't extend the texture space. If the penis on a Sim is displayed as black or partially black, this means that you have conflicting or unsupported skin tones mod installed. Custom skin tones that don't support the extended texture space will cause issues as well.
Search the words "skin” and “tone" in your 'Mods' folder to quickly find them.

Missing Penis

If a Sim has a penis is specified at the CAS screen, using the Gender Settings menu. You can change that during Sim creation or by using the 'Change Sim' interaction with any mirror object. The last setting, originally called 'Can this Sim use the toilet standing?’, defines if that Sim has or has not a penis. Make sure that setting is set to the status you want for the selected Sim.
What sort of penis Sim has is specified in the game, not at the CAS Screen.
If a Sim has a penis even when it's disabled at the CAS Screen, you most likely have a penis override (default replacement) mod installed that is causing that.

INcorrect Penis

Installed penis mods that are supported by WickedWhims will not be used automatically. To change specific Sim or all Sims penis in the game you need to open the ’Body Selector’, located under 'Wicked’, after you click on any Sim with a penis enabled in CAS Gender Settings. All supported penis mods will be available in under the “Soft Penis” and “Hard Penis” options.

Unsupported Penis Mods

Installing any additional penis mods can cause problems if they are not specifically made to work with WickedWhims. Any penis mod that is an override (default replacement) or requires manual usage at the CAS Screen is not supported by WickedWhims. Try removing these mods and check if everything works then. Even if you think a mod is supported, try removing it and see if that helps.