Nudity - Skills


Unless disabled in settings, Sims will gain progress on one of the nudity skills they have when being naked, performing interactions naked or seeing nudity.

The initial Sims nudity skill is Naturism. Sims with Naturism from level 2 will gain a happy moodlet and get less dirty when being naked.

Sims will progress the Naturism skill by performing any of these tasks:

  • Showing their body in a revealing outfit (swimwear, sleepwear, underwear or towel) to other Sims
  • Skinny Dipping, relaxing naked in a hot tub or steam room
  • Getting a massage when naked
  • Working out, doing yoga, meditating or jogging naked
  • Dancing naked
  • Being photographed naked or photographing naked Sims
  • Just showing their naked body
  • Looking at other naked Sims
  • Admiring their body in a mirror
  • Talking about nudity

Each level Sims gain in a nudity skill will allow them to undress in more situations. Initially, any Sim should be able to undress at their home without too much trouble, but doing it outside will require a higher level. The same for undressing in a public setting. The higher the level, the more courageous Sims get.

Sims that gain level 3 of the Naturism skill will unlock the ability to convert into an Exhibitionist. To convert a Sim into an Exhibitionist you are required to purchase the Exhibitionist reward trait available in the Reward Store for 500 Satisfaction Points.

Exhibitionist Sims are more open to undressing and gain the ability to flash other Sims as well as streaking on command. The tradeoff is not getting the happy moodlet and not getting less dirty when being naked.

Progressing the Exhibitionism skill is done the same way as for the Naturism skill.