Nudity - Settings


This section only explains the most complex settings.

  • Setting ‘Naturism and Exhibitionism Switch’ can disable all nudity skills progression, basic undressing autonomy, and nudity story progression. All nudity interactions will be still available and fully functional, but only for the player.

  • Setting ‘Underwear Switch’ can disable underwear for all Sims in the game. The additional layer of clothing will be gone, but no data related to it will be erased.

  • Setting ‘Complete Undressing Type’ decides the way Sim will look when using the ‘Completely Undress Yourself’ interaction. On the default setting, Sim bathing outfit will be used and it may look different from any currently selected outfit, so undressing will not only remove clothes but affect makeup and accessories. Using the ‘Special’ setting takes the currently selected outfit to keep the makeup and accessories.

  • Setting ‘Nudity Assurance Switch’ can disable the nudity assurance system which decides what body parts will be used for nudity. Enabled nudity assurance system will always reset the bathing outfit and use the default body parts, but when disabled, used body parts are based on the bathing outfit, which may potentially be incorrect.


When installing additional body mods, you are required to apply them to Sims manually. That can only be done using the Body Selector. Body Selector can be accessed by clicking on a Sim.

Only penis mods that are supported by WickedWhims will be available in the Body Selector.