Mods Reliability


Older mods might seem like they work, but the reality is different when new mods are interacting with the parts of the game that are affected by older mods. Old changes with new changes conflict and cause problems seemingly directing blame on the newer mod where the old mod that wasn’t updated by its creator is the real cause of the problems.

Broken or Outdated Mods

Every time you download and install a mod, consider that it will be broken and make other mods break as well.
WickedWhims cannot work when other mods are causing errors. You're making it suffer. Stop. Remove broken and outdated mods.

There are mods that are old and outdated or just simply broken. Where at first you might think that a mod works, you would be badly mistaken after installing few more of them. It might take a healthy mod to spot that other ones are broken. WickedWhims tries to warn you about it.


WickedWhims is always made and tested without other mods to assure it doesn’t cause issues to the base game.
Additional tests are done with sex animations, body mods, MC Command Center and Basemental Drugs.

Look at the mods you’ve installed and update or remove anything that is old - it’s most likely outdated and breaks your game.

Note that removing only WickedWhims and testing if that solved your problem is not a valid test.

Always remove every mod except WickedWhims and see if the issue persists. Script mods are not the only mods that can affect how WickedWhims or the game works.

Game Patch

Every single time the game updates there is a huge chance that mods will break. It can be anything, including custom clothing and custom object.

If you have only the most updated mods for the version of the game you’re playing, there is a chance that there are conflicts. It’s worth reporting that issue to the creators of these mods.

Conflict Detector

An application called 'Mod Conflict Detector’ (or similar) is not meant for finding issues with broken or outdated mods. Conflicts generally don’t cause errors to occur. Conflicts happen when two mods edit the same content.

If your Conflict Detector application claims that everything is fine, that still can mean that you have broken or outdated mods installed.

The same way if your Conflict Detector application says that there are conflicts, that doesn’t mean that real conflicts are present.

Overall applications like that are only useful for Custom Content clothing and objects.