Mod Installer


The Mod Installer Is Intended to Only be Used on Windows Systems


1. Confirm Compatibility

If you have ever installed Wickedwhims manually before, you need to remove all of the files first.

To remove old WickedWhims files, open to the 'Mods' folder.
It's located at: \Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods
Then look for any WickedWhims or WickedWoohoo related files.
Remove them all!

2. Open THE Archive

Open the downloaded modification archive file with an Archive Manager.
To extract archives you need an Archive Manager. If your system doesn't provide one by default, try these:

It is common for 7-ZIP to cause issues when extracting ZIP or RAR archives. It's recommended to use a different archive manager application!

3. Extract the Archive

Extract all of the files from the archive to any folder that is not related to The Sims 4.
Do not put these files to the 'Mods' folder of The Sims 4!


4. Turn the installer on



5. Continue?

If no errors are present, press any key to continue.
If any errors are present, move to step #6.


Have fun!

6. Errors?

If an error message saying 'Please turn on The Sims 4 at least once before installing any mods!' is displayed and performing this action doesn't work, consider doing a Manual Installation instead.


If an error message saying 'WickedWhims mod files are missing!' is displayed and performing actions explained on the screen don't work, consider doing a Manual Installation instead.