Cleaning Game Save


There is a chance that after updating or because of bugs you will have issues with internal stuck variables.

Where most of the stuck variables can be reset by using the ww.fix command, some require to clean your WickedWhims save data. Before you try cleaning your save data, consider using the 'ww.fix' command in-game.

Embedded & Backup Save Data Cleaning

WickedWhims saves most of its data internally, embedded within your game save. Additionally, a copy of that save data is stored externally within the game ‘saves’ folder as a backup that’s automatically used when the embedded data is missing.

To clean your WickedWhims save data, both internal and external, you only need to use a command.

To remove the WickedWhims save data, open up the in-game commands console by pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+C keys and typing the following commands, one after another:

  • ww.reset_save_data sim

  • ww.reset_save_data sex_handlers

  • ww.reset_save_data world

Once all three commands have been entered with a message of their success, exit your game without saving.

Deep Save Data Cleaning

You are required to perform Embedded & Backup Save Data Cleaning before attempting Deep Save Data Cleaning!

Parts of WickedWhims data is embedded within the game structure and not separated as its own entity. You can clean that data by removing all WickedWhims files from your 'Mods’ folder (\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods), turning the game on and saving it.
Saving the game without mods installed will remove any extra data that is not needed anymore. You will lose all of WickedWhims skills, moodlets, traits, and objects.