Nudity - Body Parts System


Tattoos as Body Parts

WickedWhims uses tattoos as body parts to give creators more flexibility and to improve the compatibility with other similar mods. Giving an individual Sim special body parts will require taking up a tattoo slot, so using Default Overrides is advised instead.

These body parts come in a form of an actual body part and a ghoster body part. The actual body part, like “BODY TOP” is simply set on the Sim, and that’s it, the Sim is now using that body top. The ghoster body part, like “GHOSTER BODY TOP” is used to hide any body tops to continue working in CAS. You are not required to use the ghoster body parts.



Tattoos are always visible on Sim bodies, so using tattoos as body parts will make them stick out through clothing. To fix that, you can use ghosters, but you are not required to do so. All you need to do is set a body part and save. The ghoster will be applied automatically in-game.

Body Parts

When Sim doesn’t have any body parts set in CAS, then WickedWhims will automatically apply the default body parts. This is the ideal way of handing Sim body, because installing any Default Overrides for body mods will replace these with the body you want. The best thing you can do, to avoid issues, is just install Default Overrides of any body mod you want to use. That way all of the Sims in-game will be using the body you want them to.

For body parts creators, check the Body Parts Support Tutorial.